O-Navi, LLC offers custom design services on select projects.

We specialize in the design of electronic systems in the following areas:

• Inertial Sensor Systems (MEMS Inertial Technology, Magnetic MI and MR Sensors)
• GPS Navigation Technology
• Embedded Systems (Motorola & Intel Microprocessors)
• Low-Noise / Low-Power Analog Design
• Digital Design (Logic, PLD's. FPGA and Mbit/Gbit Serial Links)
• E/O - IR and Video Sensor Systems
• Power Control Systems (Power Supplies, Power Controls and Motor Controllers)
• Instrumentation & Control Systems (Reliable Sensor and Control Interfaces)
• Embedded Software Design


Additionally, we offer electronic packaging & mechanical design services. Our specialty is high density, multi-layer printed circuit layout and design.

Some of our past projects include:
• Custom Inertial Stabilizers
• Serial Digital Video Links
• Video Overlay Generators
• Compact Flash Data Loggers
• Brushless Motor Controllers
• Camera Stabilization Systems

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