About O-Navi

O-Navi is a leading developer of low-cost MEMS micro-sensor technologies in the inertial measurement, robotics, automotive, autonomous vehicle control and navigation fields. O-Navi, LLC is a privately held company established in May of 2003.

Today, O-Navi manufactures one of the widest range of miniature inertial and magnetic sensors modules with over 12 base models. Our newest Nanocube series are among the worlds smallest and lightest designed specifically for high-volume OEM applications.

Our sensor products are used submersibles, motor sports, unmanned aircraft, personal navigation, automotive stabilization, stabilized camera system, antenna stabilizers, ship stabilizers, consumer products and soon will be in Earth orbit aboard micro research satellites.

Going forward, O-Navi continues to work with world-class automotive, government, military, aerospace, research and academic institutions to continue our unique innovation in the inertial sensor field.

Located in the San Diego, California area, O-Navi is ideally positioned to accommodate customer needs in the United States and throughout the world.

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