Tri-Axial 6 Degree-of-Freedom MEMS IMU Module
The Gyrocubes are a series of tri-axial MEMS analog output six degree-of-freedom IMU modules. All Gyrocube models provide three axis of rate and acceleration information in a compact low power package. The Gyrocube3A is a fully integrated analog six-degree-of-freedom inertial sensor module in just over 1 cubic inch of volume. The Gyrocube3F includes enhanced low-pass filters for improved noise performance and anti-ailiasing. An optional digitizer module is available for interfacing to digital systems. On-board temperature sensor provided for compensation. Accelerometer options of ±2g & ±10g and angular rate sensitivities of ±200 or ±400°/sec. Standard systems are factory set for unity gain.
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Integrated IMU / GPS / Flight Controller Engine
The PhoenixAX is O-Navi's integrated IMU/GPS/Autopilot hardware engine. The PhoenixAX combines O-Navi's 6DOF MEMS inertial sensor array technology with on-board GPS receiver, dynamic and static pressure sensors for a complete hardware platform for use in autonomous vehicles, flight controllers and instrumentation applications. A dedicated hardware PWM generater with a independant power supply for controlling up to six commercially available R/C servos. Options for Digital Spread-Spectrum communication links and data logging modules are available. <<DETAILS>>
Single Axis MEMS Gyro Module
The GyroPAK3 is part of O-Navi's 20mm series of packaged MEMS sensor modules. The GyroPAK3 is a single axis MEMS angular rate sensor module with analog outputs. GyroPAKs are intended for cost sensitive applications or packaging in configurations with precision alignment in customer specific structures. The GyroPAK3 measures 20mm square, and can easily be mounted in a cube less than one inch. <<DETAILS>> <<PDF>>
Integrated Digital IMU Module
The FalconGX is the first in a series of digital six degree-of-freedom IMU modules from O-Navi. The FalconGX uses O-Navi's proven tri-axial MEMS sensor technology for angular rate and acceleration measurements with flexible sampling rates and compensated digital output. The FalconGX is a complete 6DOF digital IMU solution in under 2 cubic inches of volume. The FalconGX makes integration into digital systems straight forward with a simple RS-232 interface. The FalconGX is ideal for automotive and robotic applications. A precision machined aluminum enclosure is available. <<DETAILS>> <<PDF>>