Latest News

San Diego - 8/1/04 - O-Navi announces the development of our smallest IMU's. The 'Nanocube' series of IMU's are 1 inch (25.4mm) square and 0.503 inch (12.8mm) O.A. high, making them among the worlds smallest six-degree-of-freedom instruments. The Nanocube modules are available with analog or SPI interfaces and retain most of the features found in the larger Gyrocube series. Nanocubes were designed for OEM integrators for direct mounting to customer circuits. Nanocubes are available in ±2g or ± 10g acceleration and ±200 or ±400°/sec. angular rate sensitivities. Domestic shipping is expected September, 2004.

San Diego - 7/22/04 - O-Navi announces the Gyrocube3D Digital IMU. The Gyrocube 3D rounds out our Gyrocube series of miniature 6DOF IMU modules. The Gyrocube3D is our full-feature 6DOF sensor module with an on-board 16bit ADC with SPI interface. The Gyrocube3D is in the same form factor as the model 3A with only a slight mounting hole difference. The model 3D is available in ±2g or ± 10g acceleration and ±200 or ±400°/sec. angular rate sensitivities. Expected shipping is September 2004.

San Diego - 7/1/04 - O-Navi announces the XL Pak two axis accelerometer module in our micro 20mm package. The XL Pak will be available in ±2g or ± 10g sensitivities, with custom fractional sensitivities available. The XL Pak is stack able with the Gyro Pak angular rate gyro module and Mag Pak magnetometers to create combinations of sensors for special applications, such as robotics. Expected shipping is September 2004


San Diego - 2/21/05 - O-Navi announces new enclosures for the Gyrocube 3A and Gyrocube 3F models. The new IMU's will ship with in a milled aluminum enclosure as a standard product. The ordering number will be 2370x. O-Navi wil continue to offer board level IMU modules as well. The new enclosed unit will be available in April '05. The Falcon/MX will have an enclosure available in mid April '05. The enclosures measure:
Gyrocube 3A : 2.25L
x 1.65W x 1.00H
Gyrocube 3F : 2.58L
x 1.65W x 1.00H
Falcon/MX : 3.40L
x 1.65W x 1.00H
(Not including connector protrusion)